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When you "mouse over" a JavaFX function in IntelliJ, it should show detailed information about the parameters, the return type, etc. (This is the "javadoc" that goes along with JavaFX).

But... what if it only shows you the method name and parameters but NO helpful documentation? How to fix?

asked in CSC305 Fall 2023 by (508 points)

1 Answer

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Go to the "m" Maven tab on the right, and the third button from the left should be a little "download" icon that lets you download sources and/or documentation for your maven-loaded libraries (which includes JavaFX!).

Click on that, and choose "Download documentation".

After that, when you mouse over JavaFX methods in IntelliJ you should get much better help/documentation!

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Thank you for this. I had no idea what the functions of the program were. I'm able to handle it now.