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My project is currently in the state where we are wondering how much effort should we put into the audio design, how much is the player experience affected by the audio design in your game?

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it’s pretty important honestly. It’s not as important as making sure your game is finished and playable, but even just some music and clicks or boops to show that the player’s actions are doing things is helpful for the experience.

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It makes the game seems more professional to be honest. Good sounds can contribute to create the vibe and storyteliing of the game. Also it helps to keep track of the actions of the player

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Our game without sound effects will lose its fun...

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I'd say having a good audio is as important as the game visuals esp in a horror game where sound would heavily influence the experience

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Worst comes to worst you could always add some of your own sound effects of just random things like grunts or screams. But I'd say it is pivotal

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Audio design in general is important. But as someone who regularly plays games with the sounds muted, if you don't have time/want to add audio effects, it shouldn't hinder your game too much.

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