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Our project is getting closer to being finished but we can not say it is completely finished if we haven't tested for bugs. What are some ways to check for bugs with the intention to polish our game?

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Send it to your friends, families, and anyone else who will play it. Player feedback is really better than dev testing because it helps you see past your own blind spots. An “open beta” if you will. ALSO COME SUNDAY AT 2pm IN OLIN 204 FOR THE GAME DEV CLUB MEETING!!!!
There will be bonus gems.

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That is a pretty good idea, I will let my friends try out the game and get some feedback!

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One great way to find bugs is to watch someone else play your game. After spending so much time working on it, it's easy to follow a pattern that you know works. However, someone else may approach things differently and find bugs you wouldn't have.

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Something I like to think of is 'edge cases' try and break your game as much as you can. And as others said others playing the game can find more because they don't know it like you do.

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Play through the game and make sure to fail in every location that it's possible for the player to fail. Make sure they work correctly. Also run up against walls, look for places you forgot to add collision or where collision could be funky. Lastly play through it like normal. as if it's a game you'd be playing for the first time, make sure that everything happens the way you want it to and that players will be able to follow everything.

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playtesting with unique print statements to make sure that the correct functions are running at the correct times

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let someone with 0 gaming skills play the game. they'll play in an unorthodox manner. maybe even find mistakes in Z values in map or some other bugs.
fine tuning the game to be just a little difficult and not unbeatable is a big one too

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play the game a lot, you will definitely find different things to work on everytime you play. Also, let someone else to play as well and get their feedback

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