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I have been working on preparing my game for tomorrow's GameJam. Is anyone else planning on submitting their game?

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Has anyone looked into how to submit? Me and John plan to submit our game, but one concern we have is the process to submit. Hopefully it’s easy enough.


It seems simple enough. They give a link with instructions on how to export so as long as exporting works it should be easy.

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I plan to. Not that I have any expectations of winning at all but I plan to

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It depends on what I am able to complete tonight.

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I currently don't have much to my game other than attacking enemies and advancing levels, but I plan on submitting it anyway.

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Bill and I will be submitting, and probably pulling an all nighter to get er done!

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Pretty sure I'm not gonna complete it tonight but I'll try to submit the draft version

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I don't think we will have the time to submit it unfortunately

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we missed it

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Now that we have another opportunity, I will for sure submit Kevin and I's game!!

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