2018 Contest Results:

The 3rd Annual A.I.R.C. was bigger than ever, with 8 teams from 3 institutions! The results were:

  • 1st place - c0eb84846d4b6e79760b4f87e33c6d31 62062c9649284aca177b25725a5bd29e from Augustana College
    • Daniel, Blake, Megan, & Jack
  • 2nd place - King Crab from St. Ambrose University
    • Andrea, Ethan, & Bradley
  • 3rd place - 5c 2f 6c 33 37 7c 5c 7c 34 7c 5c 2f 7c 33 35 33 20 7c 3d 34 72 7c 5c 2f 7c 33 72 35 from Augustana College
    • Minh, Tiffany, & Nathan
  • Audience's Choice “!Outside The Box!” Award - Knox Engineering* from Knox College (*tied with King Crab for this honor)
    • Trang, Bhumika, Nrepesh, Will, & Sierra

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What is this year's challenge?

Build an eco-friendly robot that can save the planet by recycling!

Okay, to be honest, it's just moving empty soda pop cans from one place to another, but it's the thought that counts, right? (Even if your robot doesn't “think”?)

And don't worry - this task is MUCH easier than the things that SpotMini can do with soda cans...

Inspirational quote:

Nobody gets lucky all the time.
Nobody can win all the time.
Nobody's a robot. Nobody's perfect.

         -- Champion figure skater, Johnny Weir



8 teams showed for the contest, with a variety of fun approaches/designs!


10 teams registered, heralding from Knox, St. Ambrose, & Augustana!


2018 challenge rules posted!


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