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When finding the ACT or SAT scores in the program, are we prompting the user to answer their scores in the processApplicant method, or in the computeSATScore/computeACTScore methods?

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2 Answers

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The prompt + user input should be in the getInteger method where you call it in the computeSATScore/computeACTScore method which is then called in the processApplicant method. See the third page of the instructions to get a clear view of the method calls.

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Within the "Process Applicant" method, you will use the "getString" method first to prompt the user to pick which test they took. After that you will use conditional statements that either call the "computeSATScore" or "computeACTScore" methods based on what the user entered in "getString". It is within the "computeSATScore" or "computeACTScore" where the user will use the scanner to input their score while calling the "getInteger" method.

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