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I need more ideas for levels I can make in my 3d platformer. It has to be pretty easy and basic to get though. I have moving platforms, fans that push the player, and buttons that activate things as features to work with.

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6 Answers

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you can also add some moving elements that would interact with the player like moving obstacles or things like that, if you want a reference you can think of the game fall guys or wipe out type of obstacles

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You could add a bounce pad that launches the player in the air using apply velocity

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you could add like button activated platforms and have like boxes or something that keeps the button pressed.

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Maybe have some timed levels too . One where you restart if you can't complete the course in the timeframe

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Try and do an objective where you have to go to one part of the level to activate a switch or something and make your way back

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You could do some hide and find objectives or a chase with a moving target

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