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Anyone know a good video for making animations?

asked in CSC380Jan2024 by (460 points)

5 Answers

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what kind of animation are you looking for?

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like you create your own frame by frame by moving another sprite which is the main sprites arms or legs. each frame the hand moves a little more for like a run animation

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here is the basics to an animation tree

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Depends on what you want to animate, if you are trying to add an animated sprite to your character I think the GameDev.TV tutorials did a good job of explaining how to use the animated sprite and the animation player. If you are trying to create your own sprites you can look up the website Piskel where you can do your own frames and create a sprite sheet for your animation.

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thanks ill check out Piksel, I want to make my own frames and create a sprite sheet type.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhuedr-jp_A is a good one for importing 3d animations, like for the badge

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I really liked this one because it was very through and showed how to mass produce some of the animations quickly


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I don't have a sprite sheet, gonna make one tho thanks!