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My project has certain sound effects during the game but for now we only have placeholders that probably will get us a copyright claim, does anyone know where to get these licence free sound effects and songs?

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7 Answers

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I just look it up in Itch.io. They have plenty of free SFX packs that I believed are license free. I found a pack of 100 sounds game-neutral that If you are interested I can show you.

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Thanks this was useful!

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I found a bunch of sound effects on mixit. for music it depends what you want. if you want like edm stuff you can find plenty of that on youtube if you just look up ncs. I haven't looked into it but I believe all of that stuff is free to use

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splice.com offers a 14 day free trial and has a ton of royalty-free sounds and loops that are yours to keep after using credits. I've used this a lot to find a variety of sounds.

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Pixabay is super chad and has all free licenses as far as I have seen. Almost every sound effect we got is from there, great website.

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Surprisingly enough, there are a select few sounds effects you can get on YouTube, I would look at the channel Free Sound Effects

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I've been searching through the creative commons databases

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there are many loyalty free audios on youtube. also you can use this site as well: https://www.bensound.com/

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