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My game works on a rounds based system where every round is more difficult than the last. However, I'm having a hard time balancing everything so the player isn't too strong or too weak. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to approach this?

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A thought might be making an equation to calculate the player's power using the player's equipment, stats, and the like. Then based on the result you could use that to determine how strong the enemies are.

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You could also try adding a different type of enemy. A shielder perhaps. But at the end, you'll have to test and fine tune it a lot.

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Honestly I think you should increase the ramping of enemies. Like once its past round 10 increase how much you increase the enemies strength.

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These are some of my suggestions:

  • Having more environmental challenges: such as traps, hazards, or obstacles that become more complex or dangerous with each round.
  • Level layout: adding new paths, closing off certain areas,...
  • Scale up rewards and penalties
  • Modify rules in each round, ex: you could add time limits, restrict player abilities, or introduce randomized events..
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Balance towards the strong end generally, you want your player to feel powerful, and to go with that increasing speed on number of enemies will make things harder without turning the game into a slow bullet soak.

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You could also dynamically change enemies stats based on ow much the player struggles. If they very easily beat a round you can increase it, and vice versa, until you find an equilibrium of stats to difficulty.

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On our project the difficulty factor includes the dynamically changing map, every level is a new different, and harder map, this could improve playability because not every level is the same, so you could implement something like that where the map is more challenging every time.

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You can possibly add a weird glitchy thing to it where it may take away half your coins because of a glitch in the system and add a cool effect or something to it.

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