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I'm currently using a _draw function to highlight something temporarily. Once I'm done needing the highlight, I can't find a way to undraw it. Any solutions or alternatives are appreciated.

asked in CSC380Jan2024 by (2.4k points)

4 Answers

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queue_free won't work to my knowledge because draw is a function not an object. also I looked it up and couldn't find much but maybe doing queue_redraw with nothing might undo it. not sure though

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Have you tried making a timer and then when it times out it sends a signal to the possible script with draw to then try queue.free()? That could possibly help.

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You can establish a flag to indicate the removal of the highlight and utilize queue_redraw() to trigger a redraw that excludes the highlight.

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I used queue_redraw() and it deleted what I was drawing... you might wanna give it a shot

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