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Did anyone manage to change text via code? I tried many ways they suggested but most of them don't work for godot 4. I also try label.modulate or set

red = Color(1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0)

but they all warned "Invalid method on base Label". Here is my code:

@onready var status = $Label
func _on_ok_pressed():
if label.text == passWords:
	status.text = "Correct"
	status.add_theme_color_override("font_color", Color(1, 0, 0))
	status.text = "Try again"
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1 Answer

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This seems to work for me:

	myLabel.set_deferred("theme_override_colors/font_color", Color.BLUE);

NOTE: The way I got the "theme_override_colors/font_color" property name was by right-clicking on the font_color property in the theme overrides section of the node inspector, and choosing "copy property path".

This approach ought to work for setting MANY properties from code.

(The set_deferred means the property won't be updated immediately, but rather just after the scripts get done running but before the next render happens.)

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It works perfectly! Thank you professor!