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I want to be able to look at the script of a different project without having to close the one I'm working on. I haven't found a way to have two projects open at once, any ideas?

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8 Answers

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If you open godot a second time you can have both projects up at once. And I do mean open godot a second time, go through the select menu and all.

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for Mac users with this issue a quick workaround is to open up a terminal window and paste the following command in

open -n -a Godot

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For pc users, just right click your application in the taskbar and click the godot application and it will pull up another instance of godot from the project select page.

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initially I was using a second instance of desktop which is available if you are on the latest windows, but I found this post particularly helpful as you can easily launch a second instance of godot by simply just launching it again.

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I thought it wasn't possible, and I just opened a new project while the other one was open and it worked. I had both of them pulled up with no problem.

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For mac user, right click on the app -> click new window to open the second project. But the laptop runs slower with 2 projects open I suppose.

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on my pc i search godot and it opens a new godot window

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don't do that if you are opening tile-heavy projects because that causes godot to crash more frequently

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