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Is the #dev-logs channel just to repost your commit messages to discord?

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I think it'd be a good addition to put in sprites that you've used and the links too incase someone else finds it interesting

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I believe its for posting updates on your game but im not sure

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the #dev_log channels I believe are for keeping track of the update we made in our project and also to share ideas and progress in Discord. When you're in teams and can't meet it makes it easier to share things about the project in a platform where Dr. Stonedhal could check aswell

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The dev logs are for sharing your progress with other game dev teams and interested parties. Show what you’ve done for sure but include especially screenshots, cool features, and things that other teams may find interesting or inspiring!

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you could post the commit message and im sure it'll count. i personally dont feel like updating it after each commit so i plan to send update message every now and then with pictures attached

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