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hey guys, anyone else experience lag while using the Godot software? I have just given the project a bunch of assets that I'll need and it isn't a substantial amount of assets. However, when I create a tile map and I try to work on the specific tiles (to figure out player movement and boundaries) but it just keep lagging A LOT. Like I can't do anything. Any ideas on why? tips on having a Godot run smoother? (We have tried in 3 different computers and the same problem persists)

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If you have player movement already then it could be that your movement/input code is in a function that it shouldn’t be, like the physics function, and is getting called over and over. Just a possibility, could be any number of things.

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I was going to mention that I experience a different problem with Godot – mine doesn't lag; instead, it freezes after about four hours of usage. However, your situation might be distinct. Dr. Stonedahl suggested trying Godot version 3.5 if the crashes persist, but given that you've tested it on three computers, I doubt this is the root cause. I would recommend investigating the code, as there could be a possibility of running an infinite call or loop.

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Ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date. Outdated or incompatible drivers can cause performance issues. And Godot supports scene instancing, which allows you to reuse scenes efficiently. Consider using scene instancing to reduce the load on your project

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I've had similar issues on my mac as well and sometimes found that a simple restart of the app works sometimes but the other answers are also great!

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the godot devs are probably working to make godot 4 a stable version

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godot is not reliable yet. My group occasionally encounters missing scene files when pushing and pulling through git

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