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do you have an error code or something? (use the console version and see if it says anything right before the crash)


no. it just freezes and I cannot select anything or code.
I have to manually end the process in the task manager.


I have had this happen on my mac and even just error states where I have to force quit it. Very unfortunate.

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I do get moments of lag but its never anything that serious. does it happen when your running scenes or just randomly?

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Yes, if I ran it for too long. I normally have to restart Godot for every 2 hours

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Some crashes are a result of compatibility render mode I have heard, if you’re using that.

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Yeah I have, especially today. It seems random to me; sometimes before running, sometimes after, sometimes while I'm coding.

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I am sorry to hear that. You could go back and use Godot version 3.5 stable instead. Most of what you learned in the tutorials would still apply, although there could be a few missing features...

Also, a good reason to commit to git frequently, in case a Godot crash manages to corrupt some project files.

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alot. godot 4 might just not be a stable version yet

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I had a glitch where every scene layered on top of the other. so i get your suffering

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