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Do we just simply go and show how our app works to the client or do we go all out, have the group use designer perfumes to smell immaculate, make a slideshow of all features and really sell the app to the client Shark tank style?

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5 Answers

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That's a great question. I would say make slides of your software focusing on the things you think will make you stand out to the client and obviously smelling good won't hurt.

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My guess is that it's just going to be a demo of our software, but I'm not entirely sure. I do know that we do have to dress professionally though, and I'm sure smelling nice would help make a good impression.

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I think instead of making slides, it's more about presenting the actual software to the whole class and going through it to make sure everything works. (Demo)

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I would make slides to introduce the app and not go into detail. I believe the demo of the app should carry the presentation, demonstrating features and different workflows.

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I think a shark tank presentation would be hilarious if someone could please do that.

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