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If I think about it, I would say nothing. Right now, I prefer it this way.

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Design the entire software on paper (UML) before starting to code. This is a little bit hard since customer requirement kept changing

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focus on writing DRY code

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Starting early and making consistent progress.

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We would probably focus on making sure our code was robust and expandable so that we wouldn't have to rewrite methods

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I wish we learn about UML earlier so that we can plan classes and method more effectively and organized

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Not a lot of things I would change in our project. Our team was talking about how we'd change the main UI layout but that's about it

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Writing Javadoc comments along the way instead of after

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I would say my group mainly focused on the UI in the beginning that's something we could have changed but besides that I'm satisfied with the other things we've done.

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better designed object

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