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I believe he said that we would have to draw a complete UML diagram, I'm gonna write one on my cheat sheet just in case, and it's gonna have all the possible characteristics like the aggregation, composition, diamonds, arrows, open or closed arrows, etc.


I would definitely agree with doing this.

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I believe so, it is mentioned on the review sheet that we will need to understand the basics of UML design but I do not believe it will be specific to our gymnastics project. My assumption is that we will probably be given a diagram on the written portion that we will need to label with the correct relationship. However, this is just my speculation.

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My guess is that we'll be given a blank UML diagram to fill in with the correct relationships or be given a completed diagram, and we'd have to determine the specific relationships specified.

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It does say we will need to be able to draw one by hand, so I would assume he will give us info on a collection of classes and ask us to connect them in a UML diagram with proper line and arrow types.

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there was :)

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