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About gson and json and how they are utilized, I'm still not sure. Even when I imported the Google Library with Gson, I was receiving errors. I downloaded everything and refreshed Maven. Do any of you know how I might figure it out?

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Hmm... you might need to do the "opens yourpackage to com.google.gson" thing inside module-info?

Can you be more specific about the exact error message?

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I had this error 'Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InaccessibleObjectException' and had to include
'opens edu.augustana to javafx.fxml, com.google.gson;' in my module-info


Certainly! I encountered the same error. Following your advice, I changed "opens edu.augustana" to "javafx.fxml" and also fixed the issue with "com.google.gson." The problem is resolved now. Thanks!