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Hello there, I was wondering if your team was able to figure out the printing option. Sprint 2 is this Thursday and I have been fighting to get this feature work lol. Any good resources or videos that you followed?

My method so far takes a JavaFX Node as input, creates a print job, scales the input Node to fit the page layout, and then is supposed to print but something is wrong. Any suggestions?

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Note: if you are having trouble with printing, make sure that the computer you are working on has at least one printer driver installed. (Many student laptops do not...)

On campus, you can add the "find-me" printer.

At least on a mac, once you've installed ANY one printer, then it will allow the print dialog options to pop up, and then you can choose to save to PDF instead of printing to a physical printer.

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for all the mac users out there, if. you have printed something atleast once or are connected to the wifi in the college you should be able to see printers in the add printer in ssystems. You wont be needing a download of any type , its probably the same for windows too but then im not sure.

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We have not fully fleshed ours out either, but now after sprint two we think we are going to build a print preview that will be able to print out the lesson plan.

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