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I was just curious what do you guys think would be better to do since they are both kind of similar, do you recall if Dr. Keehn said anything about it. Thank you all!

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Our project uses a textField for the search bar with an on action go button when they've typed what they want to search, we also have a filter menu to filter cards by category. So if I'm reading your question right, our group did both.

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Our search bar is only for users to search the title of a card and it also has a dropdown that does the dynamic filtering of the cards. It isn't fully functional yet but that is the idea. So yeah, we have both and the search bar is used as a filter for cards as well but the user has more options to filter with the dropdown. I hope that makes sense!

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Our project uses a TextSearchFilter class to provide a search functionality with a search bar and also has a filter menu to allow users to filter cards by category. Users can use both types of filters in conjunction to narrow down the list of cards based on their search criteria and selected categories

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