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Is anyone taking a 2-credit CSC elective in Spring 2024? I looked in Arches but I just wanna make sure I'm not missing anything. Thank you!

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The only 2 credit classes that exists after Jahan's and Tauheed's resignation is the directed study (CSC-299 and CSC-399) but they are not assigned to any professor yet, which makes it hard to believe it will happen given the lack of professors we have. What I did after having to drop the 2 credit class I was supposed to take this fall is signing up for the CSC-380 for J-term, it counts as an elective and it's with the new faculty member Joshua Adams (it's also 4 credits which is what you need for elective credits).

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I can't take a j-term so that is sad, I have 2 credits so it would've been perfect to take a 2 credit CSC elective:(.

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can you tell me what course that is? i was planning to take the database class as an elective but since Dr. Jahan resigned i'm not what's gonna happen of that class. if the topic is interesting i might take the class you're talking about

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It’s called Azure code gaming, it’s a jterm class with professors Adams. It seems interesting but it really depends on how the professor is (he’s new). I think it will be fine, I just dont like that it’s a split class that starts at 8:30AM and ends at 2 lol


yeah the split thing really sucks. but i think i might do the edge center internship for j term. so instead of being done at 2 ill be done at 5 :').

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The only 2 credit classes available this spring are the CSC 299 and CSC 399 classes. But there is no instructor assigned for it yet.

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