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I'm confused as to how the initialize() method should be used and how it works. Should we type new code in there? Is it just meant for the graphics aspects or could it be used for other things that we want to initialize? I was trying to put the code to set up the collection of cards for the project into the initialize method for one of our controllers but I don't know that this was the right way to approach it.

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The initialize function is used to start any code you want when switching to the connected Controller's scene. It also has access to all of your FXML elements, so if you need to add Java functionality to an element, you could do it here. For example, we use our initialize function to call a method that loads all of the cards onto the screen to display them within JavaFX elements. This way, that method will always activate no matter how you switch to that scene, whether it be from a button or a file menu.

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In JavaFX with FXML, the initialize() method is automatically called after the FXML elements are loaded but before the UI is displayed. It's commonly used to set up initial values or properties for UI components, establish data structures, and add listeners to components. For your situation, initializing a collection of cards within the initialize() method is appropriate, especially if it needs to be set up as the UI loads.

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it's basically the function that executes immediately as you load in the corresponding fxml file

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In JavaFX, the initialize() method is like a special helper that gets called when you start your program. It's used to set things up in your computer program, especially for the things you see on the screen, like buttons or lists. You don't need to call this initialize() yourself; the computer does it for you. You can put code in there to make sure your buttons and lists are ready to use when your program starts. For example, you can use it to show a list of cards on the screen when your card game begins. It's best to keep this code related to setting things up so your program stays neat and easy to understand.

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It works like the main function. Basically runs first every time you start the program

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