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This class is very interesting and I like how all team members can modify the code. However, what did you do personally that helped you get set with coding javafx

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I have been reading the chapters trying to understand more about javafx. I have also been doing more research into GitHub and how the repositories work so that we have as little conflicts as possible.

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reading chapters in the book about javafx will be helpful. I also advise watching video tutorials because it will give you new ideas you dont usually encounter.

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for me the best thing i did was try things. dont be scared to try things think of features that might be hard to add now do everything you can to add the feature. even if you fail to add the feature properly you'll come out a better coder

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Yes, I do believe that the greatest way to learn is to attempt things. The code was screwed up the last time due to a git commit made by one of my teammates. I would suggest making a rough repo and try out there.