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I'm figured out why it didn't allowed me to exit the adding movie window. It's because the onAction id don't know which method to navigate to as there are two methods named "completeMovieAddingView". I think I have made a mistake while copying the Show Sample Skeleton Code for completeMovieAddingView. Does anyone know how can I fix it?
*P/S: I might have been wrong at F1 too, what does it mean to add the code at the top of completeMovieAddingView(), I can't seem to add them outside the method, it always give me error in the ".add(newMovie)" saying it cannot resolve symbol "add"
I've attached a link to the pictures of parts of my code, please check them out. Thanks yall!

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You should have only one copy of the event handling method completeMovieAddingView(). It should contain all of the code you currently have in both methods.

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