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In the instruction page, the "Roll With It" is in the dead center, but for mine it is off to the left side.
I compared with a friend and hers is in the dead center, but she said it showed up that way without her doing anything. Note that I have everything else centered, I just can't figure out the "Roll with It".

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The text "Roll With it" is centered in the Lab's image because the program is being run on the Linux operating system (Using the GNOME 2 GUI I believe), which by default centers the window title. However, the Windows OS displays the window title left aligned.

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My "Simple Paint" and "Roll With It" are both left-aligned. I tried a variety of approaches, but nothing appears to work. Since we all have that in common, I suppose it doesn't matter.

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My "Roll With It" title is left-aligned as well. I don't think this is an issue, my guess is it might be because your friend has a different version of JavaFX or she has a Mac computer. I couldn't find a way to center that title, and I don't really see a reason to need to center it so I bet you're good as long as all the other stuff in your VBox is centered.

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