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I am in the second part of the lab, for B5 it says " change it from a plain old Pane to a
BorderPane, so that you can place the Canvas in its center (using root.setCenter())," but in my start method, I change new Pane(canvas) to new BorderPane(canvas) but when I try to set the root to the center, the only option it gives me is setCenterShape. is it the same thing? I would be able to tell if I run it but so far in the lab I can't run it yet. Thank you!

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I do not believe so. make sure your variable you use to create your BorderPane object is of type BorderPane not type Pane.

e.g. BorderPane root = new BorderPane(canvas); NOT
Pane root = new BorderPane(canvas);

Had this same problem and Dr. Stonedahl had me change my variable type and it worked. BorderPane is a subclass of Pane and to access the unique methods of BorderPane(like .setCenter() and .setTop()) the variable must be of type BorderPane not type Pane

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