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I am unable to make the slider show up on the canvas, does have any ideas?

asked in CSC305 Fall 2023 by (1 point)

2 Answers

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You can read more about sliders (and other JavaFX widgets) in 6.4 of the textbook.


There's also a SliderDemo program linked in Section 6.4.6.

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Did you make sure that your Slider object was defined in your HBox parameters? My slider showed up after adding it when defining HBox box = new HBox(brushSize, slider)

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That makes sense but didn't you have to instantiate the slider first before adding it as a parameter in HBox box = new HBox(brushSize, slider) ? How did you define your Slider object ?


After making my slider a private data field, what I did was instantiate the slider, ex. slider = new Slider(min, max, start point).


I hadn't instantiated it that way, I'll have to try it out. Thank You!!!