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Just a bit wondering what programming language is used to make this Q&A website and how to launch it in a web page?

Or how to launch what we've been coding in java in an online website (include buying domain)?

This is a bit out of topic but I'm quite in need of knowing this!

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This is a whole topic, but webpages are typically made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Java as a language is typically seen in the "back end" of websites, usually with data management, but it's not exclusively Java. Other languages include Ruby, Python, C#, or really any logic-based languages could be used.

If you're interested in coding websites, there's an absolute BOATLOAD of resources you can use to learn. But be warned, it's a whole discipline in and of itself, and you could very easily lose yourself for hours studying.

As far as launching your own site, if you're on a time crunch, I highly recommend using a free content management system like Wix, or WordPress. If you have a simple static site (only using html, css, and javascript) you can actually publish your own site right from your GitHub.
I actually have some websites published on my own Github.

As far as domain registration, I got mine from Google Domains. You have to register your home address to any domain you use.
Domains are also kind of a rabbit hole. But once you have one registered, you can go to your GitHub Pages and set the domain to the page. Mine costs $12/year and came with a free email from google.

And for launching your project, Memo 3 suggests either making it it's own JAR executable, or a windows Executable. I'm not sure how you would be able to put that on your website, but I'm confident there's a way to allow someone to download your product.

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The Q and A site is written in PHP, but I don't really recommend learning that language unless your employer wants it.

You can't reslly make websites or web apps with JavaFX. You can write web backends in Java, but it would use different libraries/frameworks.

These days the quickest route to a fully featured web app might be to use React, although other options are also good.

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P.S. this website also heavily uses a SQL database. Most web apps need a database of some kind. You could consider CSC 310 in the spring to learn more about databases.

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I think it’s a combination of Java Script and HTML, but I don’t know the specifics of how to make a webpage.

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