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I want to be able to clean up our code for the projact and want to seperate our files into more streamlined packages, I tried imitating MovieTracker but there seems to be an error with

Exception in Application start method

Any help would be appreciated

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3 Answers

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If I had to take a guess I would say your fxml file may have the version of your controller class from the old package. I don’t believe refactoring changes the fxml files so your problem could be there. Good luck!

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I did go into the fxml and change it, it still goes haywire on me

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The FXML files may refer to the original packages in addition to the onAction part which refers to a specific method. Maybe check that.

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I agree with my classmates, I believe that your files may be running on different versions. Some versions are compatible with specific methods, I would first check and make sure all of your software is running the same version of java and has the same version as your libraries

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