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The .java and .fxml files are displayed in the new clone, but nothing besides those are.

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2 Answers

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Did you "import existing project" in Eclipse, or did you try to open the repo folder as a project?

If the latter, maybe delete the project in Eclipse, and try File, Import, Existing project into workspace.

(There could be other issues instead -- this is just what pops to mind.)

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The issue ended up being that I was importing the entire project, rather than a specific folder within the project folder, so now it works. I imported an unspecific folder, if that makes sense.

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This happens to me sometimes too. It helps to give eclipse a few minutes to think about the files then refresh the folder a few times. If that doesn't work, I'll just delete the whole thing and re-clone it again. It usually works for me by the second time through the whole process.

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