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Might someone perhaps provide us with any good JavaFX 3D educational resources that could aid with the map's 3D preview?

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Here is a YouTube playlist that goes through an extended tutorial.


The source code that goes along with the tutorial is available at this person's GitHub repository:



In terms of academic honesty for schoolwork, for CSC 305 you are encouraged to make use of existing code, libraries, etc, that you can find on the internet, to help your team succeed and to avoid reinventing the wheel. However, you should always clearly CITE your sources to avoid plagiarism -- for example with a comment in your code about where the code came from. HOWEVER, even if you are avoiding plagiarism, there is another risk that you could be violating copyright law by copying code, depending on the copyright status and/or licensing terms for the code that you copied into your project.

Note that the tutorial source code this person provides is licensed using the GPL-v2 copyleft open-source license. You may want to read more to fully understand what the GPL license is and how it works. However, the main point is that in order to use GPL source code in your own project, you are legally obligated to make YOUR project open source, and available under a similar GPL license. (This could be a problem if you wanted to sell your software commercially, or if the client that you are working for wants to keep strict intellectual property rights on the code that you are producing for them.)

In the context of CSC 305, let's assume that we can convince TableTopDawgz, LLC, that it would be a good P.R. move to make the whole software project open source, so you can allow your team to use GPL code in your project, as long as you appropriately credit it and follow the licensing restrictions for code.

IN GENERAL, if you use code from external sources in in your project, you need to check the license under which the code was published. If the code didn't provide any license at all and the copyright is "all rights reserved", then you could potentially be sued for copyright infringement if you use their code. If the code requires attribution and you fail to give credit to the copied code's author in your own project, then you could be sued for copyright infringement.

(If you are working as a software developer for a real company, legal issues around code licensing become higher stakes, because your illegally copy/pasted code could potentially lead to million dollar lawsuits for your company, and presumably get you fired!)

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P.S. StackOverflow posts like this one may also be useful:


Unless otherwise stated, I think you can reasonably assume that stack overflow answers are NOT copyrighted code, since the authors provided them with the intent to help others and share knowledge. (Of course, the authors could have copy/pasted someone else's copyrighted code into the answer, in which case it would not be legal, but let's not worry about that.)

For academic reasons, you should still CITE any large chunks of code that you got from Stack Overflow. (If it's just a couple of lines of code, it's okay to use it without citing.)

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Oracle is pretty reliable for providing all information related to its JavaFX 3D package
It also states all the classes included in the package for you to recall:

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Here's the official Java documentation for the 3D feature in JavaFX: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/javafx/graphics-tutorial/javafx-3d-graphics.htm.

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I'd use Oracle
I think it's pretty reliable :)

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