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Would you rather have an internship at amazon or google and why?

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In terms of software engineering, I think Google would be preferable because it is well-known that Google sets high standards for interns and conducts tougher interviews. Having a Google internship on your resume is therefore more impressive than having an Amazon internship. Additionally, Google is located in Silicon Valley, making an internship there much better for those looking to launch their own businesses.

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While both companies have the same factor grade (A+) for profitability, Google is rated higher than Amazon on Valuation, Growth, Momentum, and Revision. Hence, from a factor grade perspective, Google is the better buy

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Google is the best

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I would rather have an internship at Amazon because I want experience with more of the e-commerce side of the business world and there is a huge amazon facilities 4 mins away from my house.

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I'd rather have an internship at Google because I'm more interested in Cybersecurity than commerce and I think Google would provide me with more knowledge in that field than Amazon.

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I feel that amazon would have more opportunities for internships in my future job interests. Probably more data analytics and data science positions, so I would have to go with amazon.

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Amazon because I would love to see the other side of the company since I spend so much money there.

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