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For me I really liked creating a website since it gave me a lot of knowledge on the front-end and back-end components, which involves many coding languages overall.

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My personal favorite was HW 2. I liked the algorithms. My 2nd favorite was HW 1. It was exciting to learn about the nodes and UDP and TCP.

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My favorite project was using javaFX in CSC305 to make a game. It was difficult enough for it to be interesting, but not so difficult that it felt impossible to accomplish.

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My favorite was when we had to make our own game for csc 201 final. I made a Luigi and Mario multiplayer or single-player game with my project partner and it was really fun and the game turned out so well!

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I enjoy creating my own game for csc201

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I miss all the projects that Mueller dedicated to creating for my CSC202 Literally, she designs those projects even for the same class but really different each year.

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My favorite project I did was the final project for 201 with the dragons and spiders.

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I loved the skip 3 game I made for the final in 201.

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For me, it was creating our own game in 201

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