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I recently purchased a macbook pro m2 13 inch, 8GB ram.


Very pricey
Bad software support - windows offers more frequent updates
Apple Silicon Macs can't run windows
Limited hardware upgrades

-In accordance with their closed systems philosophy, this macbook allows virtually no user upgrades or personalization. The processor and memory are integrated on a single circuit board. They try everything in their power to stop you from getting inside the macboook.

Limited Storage Options - these computers are not built to have a lot of computer storage
Webcam quality is abysmal
Lack of Ports (they will probably start removing the headphone jack for their phones next to force you to buy their overpriced airpods lol)
Poor gamers- this computer is not good for gaming. These computers are optimized for boring things like office and productivity rather than GAMING.

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As Marques Brownlee said it is more than a refresh.

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Macbooks are pain.

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You can't even use NClass to make UML diagrams if you have a MacBook smh


I spent hours trying to install NClas with Mono and I ended up using alternative UML software lol haha. It was painful


Use StarUML instead, qualified recommendation from @Paul

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Pros: You will hardly get overheating issues and you will never hear the fans spin. Sorry intel users

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I think I did lol.
So I run some 3D programs in my Mac, and maybe my files are so heavy that I literally for the first time of my life hear the heating sound from mac fan spin hahaha.

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Another cons is very smooth experience with photo app, web dev

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Macbook is long lasting although I don't like the OS you can easily wipe the default one with a windows or Linux

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Real Gs use windows.

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