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public static void printNumbers(){
      for (int line = 1; line <= 8; line++){
          for (int star = 1; star <= (9 – line); star++){

Does anyone know why in the output the solution says to use " System.out.println(line)" ?

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I am not sure why this looks so strange when I post it but it is for the chapter 1 test review question 8.

I want to know why the answer suggest that you use System.out.println(line).....

I do not get how this would print out the desired number at the end of each line.

I would think you would want to use star instead of line here.


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I think there's a problem with what you have written here, because the input you gave will not print what you have in the output. As is, your code will print the following to console:


This has to do with the variable line counting up from 1 when it should be counting down from 8, or perhaps a mathematical operation not being applied to the System.out.println(line); statement you have. Try switching things around so one matches the other and vice versa.

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It could be done without using a nested for loop!

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