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I did the following command on gitBash yesterday 1)cd /h/git and 2)git clone
and I imported the existing project into eclipse
but I still wasn’t able to add and commit, I think it was giving me an error message ‘’No such file or directory’’ anyone knows why ?

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6 Answers

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Make sure after cloning the repo, you change your directory to the repo you just cloned. That means running another cd command looking like:

cd /h/git/RepoName

Replacing "RepoName" with the name of the local repo. I hope this helps!

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After you clone the repository you still have to do the command “cd “ and then the repository name so that you are in the actual repository. Then after that you can push and pull

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It might be that the folder/file you're trying to work with in git bash no longer exists or never did. Is it possible there was a typo in either your command or the folder/file names? Did you or anyone in your group recently move/delete folders/files involved in your project?

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You have to select a specific folder within your git folder, like cd /h/git/project1 I believe

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It is probably because you are not in the repository. When this happens I usually write 'ls'. This gives a list of sub folders. I then choose my repository by typing 'cd /h/git/reponame''.

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You are attempting to push the folder, not the repository. You need to cd (change directory) to the folder and push the repository

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