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Student can't use the app, YikYak, whiles on the school's wifi. Any thoughts on how the school preventing us?

asked in CSC335 Fall 2022 by (8 points)

5 Answers

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I believe the school is using some form of IP blocking, and because YikYak is a relatively simple and small app, the school did not have to worry about other web services related to YikYak. So I believe all they did was add YikYak's IP address to the list of blocked websites.

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Augustana ITS simply blocked requests coming from YikYak's IP address so that any device connected to Augie wifi cannot access the app.

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The school is probably using some kind of web monitoring program and blocking any requests that links it to YikYak.

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It's ITS blocking us from the tea.

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ITS monitors the wifi to see if any connections are made to YikYak. If any connection is made from Augie wifi to YikYak, it is blocked automatically.

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