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I was looking through the various built-in layout panes in JavaFX and was wondering about the advantages of using BorderPane over GridPane. Which layout do you guys also believe will be best for the project?

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3 Answers

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I like to use BorderPane because it allows us to insert elements in left/center/right/up/down sections without having to deal with the resizing of elements when you go full screen, because they adjust automatically.

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Yes, I have been using BorderPane too, and it has been wonderful! Thank you!

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We are using/planning to use a mix of BorderPanes and GridPanes. In my experience, the former is better for things like toolbars while the latter is better for more central-screen layouts.

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Oh thanks for your advice, for my team we are thinking of using HBox for toolbars and it has been easy to manipulate too!

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I third for borderPanes and second for gridPanes, they help in positioning objects so much better than say a vBox.

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