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I was going thru the exam guide and I landed on the term Head .
Does it mean a reference to the current commit ? or I'm wrong ?

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4 Answers

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I think it means the most recent or current version of the project.

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Head is a currently checked-out branch or commit. It is where you are in the repository

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For proper explanation, I believe it's worth discussing git ref, git head, and git HEAD:

  • git ref is simply a pointer to a commit. git head is a ref that points to the tip (latest commit) of a branch.

  • Similarly but differently, git HEAD is a special ref that points to the commit you are currently working on - the currently checked out commit in your Git working directory

That way, it might be a bit confusing and mistaken of the tip/head of a branch and a current actively branch.

Hope this helps!

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During a conflict, the head refers to where the conflict in the files start. The code immediately below the Head but before the first ======= refers to your code, and below until the next set of ========= is your teams code. Between your code and your teams code you will need to manually edit so the code is no longer conflicting.

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