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I was going through the study guide one by one. Then I came across bullet point 4 which asked about the difference between Agile and Waterfall. I went through the slides and I couldn't find the difference between these two. I don't think I understand the difference. I there anyone that can explain to me the difference. I would appreciate it.

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they are 2 distinct methodologies of processes to complete projects. Agile encourages the team to work simultaneously on different phases of the project (ex. sprints) meanwhile waterfall is a linear system where the team completes each project phase before moving on to the next phase.

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Thank you!

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Agile and waterfall are two distinctive methodologies of processes to complete projects or work items. Agile is an iterative methodology that incorporates a cyclic and collaborative process. Waterfall is a sequential methodology that can also be collaborative, but tasks are generally handled in a more linear process.

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