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So, if my teammate made a change in codes and if I "git pull" does it automatically update the codes in my eclipse? How do I automatically have my eclipse to update the changes that are made?

asked in CSC305 Fall 2022 by (4.7k points)

4 Answers

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I am also a git amateur but I believe what I remember from the labs is that pull will update eclipse code as well, you may need to reload it though.

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Yes. The files should just update in Eclipse after a "git pull" from the command line, since Eclipse is viewing editing the same files that are stored in your repo.

But a "refresh" in Eclipse never hurts, if you feel like Eclipse might not be up to date.

Also, sometimes it takes Eclipse a while to get the right little git status icons ( >, +, etc) updated after you do an operation from git bash. But if you open a .java file on Eclipse, it should be showing you the updated code that you pulled.

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I believe it does. Not a git expert by any means, but that has been my experience, as long as your Eclipse is connected to the same place as your git bash.

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It should get updated and you will not have to do any changes. A simple refresh should make everything update from the git pull.

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