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When trying to run my code it gives me an error saying '.class' expected. When I put a class at the start of my code and try to run it, it tells me I don't need to add a class for this problem.

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3 Answers

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This is probably happening because the question is asking for "bare code" and thus does not require a class. Just the code that creates whatever output you are trying to create.

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Could you give us the scope of this question? That would assist in providing an answer.

The error "'.class' expected" refers to an event where the compiler identifies a type name where it expects an expression and thinks you are trying to refer to that type's class object. For example, putting a main() method at the beginning of a PracticeIt question that asks for bare code returns this error, along with a slug of others:

Line 1, Column 34
'.class' expected public static void main(String[] args) {

This error can be the result of a misplaced class call, or by the fact that the problem asks for bare code-- where the `public class and main` methods aren't required. Check over the problem in question to make sure there aren't any silly mistakes.

Source: StackOverflow

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Have you tried doing without creating a class?

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