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The free Java textbook Chapters 6 & 13 provide some decent coverage of JavaFX, but they certainly don't teach everything (e.g. nothing about FXML and SceneBuilder), and different resources may work better for students who have different preferred learning styles, so...

I prefer reading text, but if you prefer learning from videos, here's a 62-video YouTube playlist

What are the best JavaFX learning resources (articles, tutorials, YouTube videos, etc) that you've found, and would recommend to your classmates?

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I found this link earlier today and I'm probably going to use it, since by simply looking at the section headers it seems useful.

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Honestly, YouTube is great to get some more info about JavaFX. There are great intros and even specifics that you can look up! thenewboston has great tutorials but it was posted 7 years ago so some things may look out of date. Other than that, it’s a great channel to use for JavaFX.

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I found this very helpful. I was reading about event handling, and it is very clear and broken up well. I am not sure how much of the site is free to use, but some of the basics are free.

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I found this resource to be helpful, it also has videos and lectures for further explanation.

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