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I believe that with these libraries, work will be much more easier

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In Dr. Mohd's email on November 16th he states,

–Only JavaFX should be used no AWT or Swings

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Even javafx has libraries. However, it's hard to use and especially in this case, a calendar is even harder.

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Java FX is Swing’s younger, more limber cousin. FX behaves as a GUI library and lends itself to efficient and rapid development of desktop apps. Java FX has a modern design and provides developers with easy access to Rich Internet Application. Java coders who are used to working with Swing find the transition to FX to be largely painless, and the scripts they can write using it allow them to quickly and easily rewrite their UI components.

JavaFX uses a theater metaphor to address top-level application containers. In FX, the scene graph collects the UI elements, including layouts, controls, shapes, and groups. The elements are referred to as nodes, and each one has automatically available features that the developer can readily access. And FX also has special effects that you can easily add to create blurs, shadows, and other textural touch-ups.

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