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Every MacBook I’ve seen has at least 5 different viruses on it and usually breaks 2 months after purchase. What are the pros of getting a macbook ( if any).

asked in CSC305 Fall 2019 by (2.3k points)

Because it's the best one out there?1?


Battery Life and durability are the two main reasons, I bought a new laptop(not mac) in my sophomore year, but the next laptop I am getting is surely going to be a mac.

4 Answers

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I want my computer's fans to sound like a helicopter when using Eclipse, duh.

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I feel like that is more an Eclipse thing than a MacBook thing. Though according to my roommate, MacBook does have a tendency to helicopter more.

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in my opinion there aren't really any major benefits of a macbook vs a non-macbook laptop. The only thing I can think of is better compatibility with other APPLE products

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I think people buy MacBooks because of the battery life, and the nice modern design that mac book offers

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I dunno, people like it they buy it

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