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I am a little confused at this point

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I think in the presentation we talk about the process of making our software, not just about what it does and doesn't do. But for Thursday, that is less of a presentation and more of another demo, I think.


Discuss how the team collaborated in doing the project


I think Dr Tauheed mentioned that it should be more about what skills we learned in this project.

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I think we just go up to present our code and talk a little about how the project was done

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At this point, I think the third demo is where we show the code to Dr. Mohd and the final presentation is where we present the process to the class.

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Otherwise, I don't know at this point. I thought the 3rd demo was the presentation.

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Yeah it's confusing. How are we all supposed to present our presentation about the same project that we were designed. Just spice it up with commentary instead?

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I think that we can present how de we approach the problem and what technology have we used

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