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For the schedule visualizer project how would you create a test case? Would you just make it a string input of a class schedule?

asked in CSC305 Fall 2021 by (2.1k points)

I think there should be tests for each of the class/method you have in your code.

4 Answers

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I think my plan is to use all of Dr. Tauheed's test cases in addition to all our group members schedules. Maybe more testing when different combinations of course data fields are null.

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I would create different possible inputs using Dr. Mohd's example.

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I would have a combination of test cases, the extra spaces in the text is from band courses having two different schedule times. Try and include some of those to insure that all cases work.

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Most of the time, you should use Dr. Tauheed's test, but I, personally, just created different one to test the limit of the program

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