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What framework are groups using for the calendar project? I've researched CalendarFX and JFXtras that includes an 'Agenda' google calendar API, but I'm having trouble making either work in eclipse.

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Dr. Tauheed said that there's no need to create an API. Maybe just make it simple as long as it works.

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CalendarFX is a fine library if you know how to implement it and limit it functionalities

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I don't think we're supposed to use either of those. Dr Tauheed showed my class CalendarFX and it has too many extra features. Personally I think it's simpler to create one of our own, because you don't have to learn someone else's program just to use one part of it.

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CalendarFX is really useful and you should implement it. There are some nice step by step tutorials online.

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Gridpane could also be used to implement a weekly calendar as well.

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If you can handle all the component of CalendarFX, it will be great to use

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